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And common sense? It is that which is understood by an intelligence using senses no different from those of a baboon. Such an intelligence wishes to know the world in terms that apply to its terrestrial, biological niche

Drawings by Basil Wolverton
Title: Stanislaw Lem, Fiasco


All language is mystification, and everything is fiction

Drawings by Jorinde Voigt
Title: Brion Gysin


A place where the unknown past and the emergent future meet in a vibrating soundless hum

Standing wave Convection” photographs by Gabriel Kelemen
Title: William Burroughs


Dreamed a dream by the old canal

Lithographs by H.C. Westermann, from “See America First”
Title: Ewan MacColl


As we have already glimpsed and will continue to discover, we are able to expand our awareness beyond the perceived limitations of our own person

Collages by Augustine Kofie
Title: Ervin László