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Light show projections by Tony Martin
Title: Terry Riley

From The San Francisco Tape Music Center

Will 50 Watts
Images and a quote by Richard Baily (1953–2006)

"Hollywood shows little patience with true artistry, let alone a reclusive computer genius like Baily who is an intense, well-preserved graduate of the psychedelic revolution, who sports long dark hair and is seldom seen without his trademark high-heeled women’s shoes."—from a 2003 article by Rene Daadler

Previously: Oskar Fischinger

Will 50 Watts

Oskar Fischinger (22 June 1900, Gelnhausen, Germany — 31 January 1967, Los Angeles) was an abstract animator, filmmaker, and painter. His animated films that were partly influenced by the poetic abstraction of Kandinsky’s paintings were among the first to mix high art and mass culture.

More info on Oskar Fischinger: http://www.centerforvisualmusic.org/Fischinger

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