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Generative line topography by Mike Creighton
Title: John von Neumann

Via Planetary Folklore

Generative portraits (made with Processing) by Diana Lange
Title: Laurie Anderson

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Quasi-Objects (3d generated videos and prints)
by Lorenzo Oggiano

... to stimulate thought and dialogue on the progressive relativisation of natural forms of life as a result of techno-biological evolution. "Quasi-Objects" regards data actualization, the production of biologically non-functional organisms and ecosystems as transient output of an operative practice: aesthetics of process ... More

Photographs by Russell Moreton
Title: Francis Crick

Circuit Explorations by Eva Schindling

“Looking for emergent behavior in analog electronic circuits, Circuit Explorations addresses the questions if any system has the potential to show emergent behavior as long as it follows the guidelines for emergence we learned from studying examples of nature and if the emergence of complex behavior can be made to appear by carefully tuning a systems parameter and setup.” Read more

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