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Light Drawings — photographs of Pablo Picasso by Gjon Mili, 1949
Title: Picasso

Aerial photographs of Los Angeles by Michael Light
Title: Reyner Banham, Los Angeles

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Light paintings by Rob and Nick Carter
Title: James Thurber

Electronic graphics by Herbert W. Franke
Title: ScienceDaily


Los Angeles

“Michael Light is a San Francisco-based photographer, bookmaker, and pilot whose focus is the environment and how contemporary American culture relates to it.” (HG)

Bingham Mine/Garfield Stack

Rancho San Pedro

Two Nevada Valleys: Silver Peak, Walker Lake

“A private pilot, Light has recently acquired a small, two-seat, high-wing aircraft specifically designed for aerial photographic work. He is currently working on an aerial photographic survey of arid America, tentatively titled The Inhabited West.” (HG)

Mono Craters

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