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Vintage book cover graphics from the collection of Julian Montague
Title: Paul Rand

"The artist is by necessity a collector; he accumulates things with the same ardor and curiosity [with which] a boy stuffs his pockets. He borrows from the sea and from the scrap heap; he takes snapshots, makes mental notes, and records impressions on tablecloths and newspapers—why one particular thing and not another, he may not know at the time, but he is omnivorous. He has a taste for children's wall scrawling as appreciative as that for prehistoric cave painting."—Paul Rand, 1955, via Steven Heller

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Japanese book covers, 1950s to 1980s, designers unknown
Title: Tadanori Yokoo quote

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Graphic design by Kenji Ito
Title: John Dewey

Vintage early 80s except for the last anti-pollution poster, 1973, via Pink Tentacle.

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Secondary Occupants by Julian Montague
Title: Brian Eno

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Book design by Vladimir Fuka via BustBright
Title: Alfred Jarry, Exploits & Opinions of Dr. Faustroll, Pataphysician

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